signs, banners, printing and apparel

No matter what your business, catching the customer’s eye is job one. Our signs and banners, incorporating your company’s colors and logos, are thoughtfully designed and constructed to last. When someone drives by your building, be sure they’ll notice you with a Stefanik Design banner or sign.

Vehicle graphics

Whether it’s a side panel for a company van or an allover design for a taco-mobile, Stefanik Design can choose a theme, colors, and graphics that will make your company vehicle a rolling advertisement.


Since the first Neanderthal drew an elk on the cave wall to celebrate his kill, people have recognized the value of advertising, and while words inform, graphics persuade. Let our talented team create just the right look for your company’s goods and services.


Where would McDonald’s be without those golden arches? We can work with you to design a logo that customers will recognize and look for as you build your business.

catalog design

The catalog is still a valuable sales tool, and we can take your products and create the covers, layouts, and organization that will make your catalog easy for customers to use and visually appealing as well.